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Does God have a son?

No, God does not have a son! God IS the Son! Or more correctly, the Son is God revealed in a human body! If this sounds crazy to you, let me explain it to you from a human point of view.

Because the human race, unlike any other creature, was created in die image of God, you are also a trinity - you have a BODY, you have a SOUL (your character - Will Intellect and Emotion), and you have a SPIRIT - yet you are one. So is God - ONE in THREE - or THREE in ONE!

God is a Trinity - Soul, Spirit and Body (or whatever sequence you want to mention them). God is firstly revealed to us in His character - this is the Soul of God. God is secondly revealed to us as Spirit - this is the Holy Spirit. But God is also revealed to us in a human body - Jesus Christ. This is why Jesus Christ was born of a virgin - Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit. Jesus was not “a” son of God - He was THE ONLY BEGOTTEN SON of God, which actually means He was God revealed to humanity in the maturity of time in a human body. God does not have "a son” - God manifested in human flesh is THE SON!

If God does not have a body, on what basis can we believe that humans were physically created in the image of God? How do you know you are not just another animal with a soul and a spirit? The answer is because you were created in the image of God!

No, Jesus Christ is not just another Adam. Adam was created - Jesus was incarnated! Although the Bible speaks of Jesus as the second Adam, the first Adam was created from the dust of the earth - Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit. The first Adam was from below - the second Adam is from above!