You Are Single, Sexually Free, and Happy ...

Or so you think! You are enjoying all the benefits of marriage but without the commitment - glorious! - or so you think! Until one day .... you discover that your 'sexually free' lifestyle was actually spinning you into a web wherefrom there is no human escape! Suddenly one day you find yourself a prisoner of your circumstances, while all the time you thought you were in full control!

This web may, on the mild side, take on the form of a broken relationship and a broken heart, or an unwanted relationship, or an unwanted pregnancy, and on the more severe side, this web may take on the form of an abortion, alcohol and drug abuse, involvement in crime, in then HIV, and finally AIDS and ... death!

Dear young person, let there be no doubt in your mind - a 'sexually free' life style will sooner or later destroy you - unless it is stopped in time! You may think that because you have only one sex partner you are excluded from these consequences, however, living together before marriage will substantially reduce your chances of a happy marriage later.

You want to be happy, right?

After all, thatís why you are living a 'sexually free' life style - you think it will make you happy! And oh, yes, it does! But only for a very short while! The hang-over period is actually much longer and much more intense than the short-lived kick you received from it! Ask every prostitute! Ask every drunkard! Ask every druggy! Ask every criminal! Ask every person dying from AIDS! Ask them where it all started!

How To Be Happy And Married ...

How is it possible to be happy and married?! Firstly, let me tell you how to find true happiness. You will find long-lasting quality happiness in one place only - within God's plan for your life. God has an individual and perfect plan for each and every person on earth - including you! This plan is designed by God to provide you with the ultimate joy and happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment, and you will find it nowhere else in this world. God does not want to spoil your fun; on the contrary, He wants you to be happy! Jesus says in Joh 10:10  "I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly."

God has a perfect plan for your love-life ...

God's plan for your love-life is marriage, and He has the perfect partner for you. God has an Adam or an Eve in the making - just for you! Have you found your Adam or Eve yet?

God instituted marriage as His provision for the fulfillment of your love and sexual desires. This inborn desire after someone of the opposite sex, was created in you by God for a special purpose. You see, God is a Family-man! He created humans in His own image with the intention that they should multiply. (Gen 1:26-28) In other words, God created humans because He wanted a family in His own image, and wanted you and your children to be part of a family! Family life was instituted by God and is God's only plan for your love-life!

Marriage is one of the most important elements of God's happiness-plan for humans, and if you choose to ignore it you will do so at your own peril.

You may say, O.K., I accept what you say, but not just yet - later. I first want to enjoy myself. If you mean you want to continue to be sexually free outside of marriage and marry later, let me warn you that every sexual encounter outside of marriage is hammering a nail into your future marriage coffin! If you mean to say you are not ready for marriage yet, that's O.K., but then you must abstain from sex until marriage!

Three Life-Changing Statements ...

Allow me to make three profound statements. Firstly, if you choose to ignore God's plan for your love-life, it will sooner or later lead you to discontentment, frustration, disillusionment, unfulfilled desires, conflict, unhappiness and misery - and eventually hell. Rom 6:23  says: "For the wages of sin is death, ..."

Secondly, if you choose to submit to God's plan for your love-life, it will lead you to a life of contentment, fulfillment, adventure, peace and happiness. "But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, ..." (Gal 5:22) 

Thirdly, getting married is no evidence that you have found God's plan for your love-life. You can never find God's plan for your life by doing something right. Doing right and making the right decisions in life are the fruit of someone who has accepted God's plan for his or her life, but you can only find God's plan for your life as a free gift through Jesus Christ! Rom 6:23 continuous to say: "... but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord." If you want to know how to find it, follow this link.

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How To Be Happy And Married
by Elmer Grobler
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