We recommend the following DVD for all schools and colleges for HIV and AIDS education, as part of the Life Orientation Program


It can be ordered from Doctors For Life International
Seven Myths And Seven Truths About Life, Sex, HIV And AIDS (PDF Download)
Websites, Articles and Publications
by Elmer Grobler
How To Be Happy And Married
Prayer that changes the world!

My Secret Success Weapon - Prayer!

Conquering Through Prayer - E Book (PDF Download)
Christian Business Success Secrets - Walk Your Talk, Or Change Your Name!
Why Many Business and Money Making Ventures by Pastors, Missions and Christian Organisations Fail.
In the Market Place
Living in an Immoral World

The Great Moral Contradiction

If God Should Go On Strike (Anon)
Love Relationships, Sex and Marriage
The Way Of Salvation

How To Be Born Again

Recommended Articles, Publications and Media by Other Authors
Christian Growth

Foundational Word Enforcement Series

Lesson 1: Bible Basics For New Christians

Lesson 2: How To Read And Understand The Bible

Lesson 3: God's Restoration Program For The Christian

Secrets Of Spiritual Growth

The Secret Of The Covenant

The Christian Discipler Series

The Christian Discipler

The Secret of the Human Trinity

The Secret of the Human Sinful Nature

The Secret of the Christian's Dual nature

The Secret of Character Renewal

The Secret of Personality Renewal
Christian Testimonies

Precious True-life Born Again Christian Testimonies

The Amazing Life Story of Strongman, Mark Benson.

The Power Of Forgiveness! A Personal Testimony byPatricia.

Sharon Was Fed-up With Life ...

I Was Never The Same Again! A Personal Testimony by Dr Dale A Robbins

I saw and felt the flames of Hell! The Amazing Story of Dick Spiller by Dr Dale Robbins.

The Day The Earth Shook, by Dr Dale Robbins

Is There A God? - The Story of Patricia Calderon

Death May Come When You Least Expect It - by Dr Dale A Robbins

How Prayer Helped A Family Survive A Deadly Twister! - by Dr Dale A Robbins
Christian Articles for New Christians

Steps For New Christians (by Dr Dale A Robbins)

How To Find A Good Church (by Dr Dale A Robbins)

Prayer Is The Key (by Dr Dale A Robbins)

Beware Of Satan's Secret Weapon! (By Dr Dale A Robbins)

About Sex & Marriage (by Dr Dale A Robbins)

The Victorious Christian Life (by Dr Dale A Robbins)

The Tithe Belongs To The Lord (by Dr Dale A Robbins)

Principles Of Great Faith (by Dr Dale A Robbins)

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Help From Above - Important Bible verses 

Download Help From Above in another language 

List of free available Christian booklets 

Download the entire Bible for free - E-Sword Electronic Bible

Read the Bible in any one of 57 languages on line
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Finishing the Task of the Great Commission

E-Book: When Revival Tarries  (PDF Download - 2 meg)
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Recommended books for Christian growth

Absolute Surrender by Dr Andrew Murray. (Free pdf download)

The Normal Christian Life by Watchman Nee. (Free text download)
Recommended Articles for Christian growth

Becoming a Disciple of Jesus: He Demands Our All by Dr William "Bill" Kynes