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While the idea of separating church and state was originally intended to secure freedom of choice for all citizens,  it is increasingly being used as a tool to crush religious freedom.  What is becoming more and more obvious is the great moral contradiction of our society!

After the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001 in America, is was reported that church attendances in America greatly increased and that signs, "God bless America," were visible in various public places such as schools.  The American Civil Liberties Union took legal action against a certain school displaying such a sign, arguing that it is a "hurtful, divisive message," and that it is a violation of the United States constitution as well as the California Education Code. 

Yet, the Name of God is used as a swear word and blasphemed daily on television and in the mass media, apparently without any opposition!  This is not regarded as unconstitutional - in fact it is regarded as freedom of speech! The Name of God may be used in public as a swear word, but not in prayer! What a contradiction!

Blaspheming of God's Name is not seen as hurtful and divisive.

The cloak of social freedom and democracy is used by some, not to extend or promote true freedom, but to bring the world into the bondage of an anti-Christ system.

In my country, South Africa, the situation is no different. According to the South African government the view that a percentage of the population prefers a value-system of Bible-based education is unconstitutional, because the South African constitution separates state and church.*  Yet, our national anthem says "Nkosi SikeleliAfrika", which means God bless Africa, and is a prayer to "God" to bless and save our nation and hear our "prayers!"  Our children are taught in public schools to sing the national anthem!  Is the singing of our national anthem not unconstitutional, since our constitution separates church and state? What a moral contradiction! 

Dear friends, is this not a typical picture of much of Christianity - a moral contradiction! 

Many people call themselves Christian, but fail to live a Christian life!

Many Christians are quite willing to accept the grace of salvation, but few are willing to accept the responsibility thereof!  Many are eager to accept the blessings of the Gospel, but few are willing to pay the price.  Many are eager to walk the triumphant road into Jerusalem, but few are willing to walk the Calvary road!  Many are eager to pray the Jabez prayer, but few are willing to pray the Gethsemene prayer!  "My Father, if it is not possible for this cup to be taken away unless I drink it, may your will be done."  (Mat. 26:42)

Is your life a contradiction?  Why not make an absolute and unconditional surrender of your entire life to Jesus Christ?  The first stop is the cross - but the next is resurrection and abundant life!  May God help you!
*  According to a statement by Prof. Kader Asmal,  Minister of Education,  as reported in Beeld,  8 October 2001.
The Great Moral Contradiction
Elmer Grobler
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