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PRAYER Is The Single Most Unexploited Resource In The Universe!

I have recently made a fresh discovery concerning the power of prayer that is changing my life, my business, my ministry, and my world - and I am convinced you will be interested to know more.

For many years my prayer life was a drag, a routine, a religious ritual I knew was important, but lacked the Vooma! You know what I'm talking about?! I prayed but without major results. My prayers had little affect and didn't change much in my life, my business, my ministry, or the world around me. Yet, I must be honest, there was a time when it was different - I have experienced the power of prayer during my earlier Christian life, but somehow, somewhere, I have lost the power along the way!

I Became Tired Of Theoretical Knowledge About Prayer

I have read many books about prayer during my early Christian life, but then I stopped reading because I became tired of Theology. It was time for practical outworking... it was time for Vooma! But the Vooma didn't come. For more than ten years the Vooma was gone, with the exception of short and sporadic upheavals!

Just recently I began reading again through the books I have already read many years ago. Perhaps there was something about prayer I have misunderstood or missed. As I was reading there was one statement that made a new impression on me, and it had to do with what prayer IS NOT: Prayer IS NOT trying to persuade God to do something He does not want to do! The statement shocked me for a moment! Not that I have not known this, but why then has my prayer-life degenerated into a situation of begging God for things that never happen? If this is true, then why are my prayers not answered? What is wrong with my prayer life?

If prayer is not having to persuade God to do something He does not want done, then prayer must be about something God wants to do! Then God, in His immeasurable grace, revealed to me the two most important qualifications for effective prayer, and since I began implementing these, my prayer life is being revolutionised!

The Two Most Important Qualifications For Effective Prayer

The first is that prayer must be about what God wants to do! In other words, I have to pray in accordance to the will of God! That sounds simple and basic and we all know that. However, this truth challenged me to ask the question, am I really praying according to the will of God? If so, why then is my prayer life so powerless? Is there something else I don't understand?

God wants ALL prayer to be answered. I am wasting my time and energy praying about things God does not want to do! My problem, and quite possibly yours too, is that we don't know what God wants to do! This is possibly one of the reasons why many Christians pray so little, or don't pray at all. But more about this qualification in another article.

Secondly, if God wants to do it anyway, why do I have to pray before He does it? It is the answer to this question that revolutionised my prayer life! You see, I have had a number of misconceptions about prayer that was formed early in my Christian life by a number of widely accepted and popular opinions. One of these is that prayer is only communication between me and God. I recently discovered that prayer is not only talking to God, but it is much more than that - it is also talking on behalf of, and with the authority of God in the spiritual realm! The question is, when, how, and to whom?

Another misconception I had was that God sovereignly executes His will through your and my prayers as and when He chooses. Although I do not wish to degenerate the concept of God's sovereignty by any means, I discovered that there is a much deeper truth to all of this that we need to understand. The truth is that every Christian is a soldier in a very real spiritual war that is waging in this world - whether we acknowledge this or not - and that this war is won or lost (on individual level by the Christian and as a whole by the Church) in prayer! Yes, I am talking about spiritual warfare! The second most important qualification for effective prayer is the realisation that prayer is our spiritual battle ground! If Satan manages to eliminate you on the prayer battle ground, you have already lost the battle!

The Big Question Is, On Which Side Are You?

If you are a Christian you are involved in a spiritual war in your personal life, your relationship with God, your home, marriage and family life, your work as well as your business - whether you want to know it or not! The good news is that if you are a Christian - you are on the winning side, but if you are not a Christian - I am sad to tell you,  you are on the losing side! The battle has already been won 2000 years ago on a cross, on a hill called Calvary, but the outcome in your personal life will be determined 'on your knees'! If you want to know how to be born again and become a child of God, follow this link.

This was an introductory article to a more comprehensive work called, Conquer Through Prayer, which may be downloaded in PDF format.
My Secret Success Weapon - Prayer!
By Elmer Grobler
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